Big Day

For the past 5 years, Big Day has been one of the moments we all look forward. It is a celebration of our products, our identity and the people who accompany us every day. A beautiful party that leaves very special memories.

This year and given the moment we live in, generated by the outbreak of the new Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), we will not be able to open the doors of Herdade do Esporão to this event that means so much to everyone.

Now it's time to focus on what is most important - we are all sure that we can quickly return to normal. Worried about the present, we look forward to the future with hope and a desire to see each other in the summer of 2021, back to Herdade do Esporão.

We invite you to discover and remember Dia Grande through the best photos and videos in our gallery. And for those who have never visited us in Alentejo, this is a good opportunity to do so, without leaving the comfort of your home ... for now.

See you soon.

It's in a special environment, gathering family and friends, that we open the doors to our everyday home. The Esporão's Estate is the hearth of all of Esporão's history and, during these days, you can feel its 'pulse' and uncover all its secrets.
Illustrations by Cláudia Guerreiro©

Many are those that join us at Big Day to share their artistry and talent. Sharing is at the core of this event, after all. Amongst them, musicians, producers, chefs and artists with whom we identify and that have many stories to tell.

Here you’ll discover the guests that helped to make this day even 'bigger'.

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