Big Day 2019

The Big Day returns at 22nd and 23rd of June.

Make sure you and your family are present for this unique weekend.

It's in a special environment, gathering family and friends, that we open the doors to our everyday home. The Esporão's Estate is the hearth of all of Esporão's history and, during these days, you can feel its 'pulse' and uncover all its secrets.

It's going to be two days filled with activities and time to rest, with Alentejo's landscape as stage. A unique experience to the rhythm of Nature between tastings, workshops, snacks, walks, concerts, talks and many surprises.


Illustrations by Cláudia Guerreiro©

Many are those that join us at Big Day to share their artistry and talent. Sharing is at the core of this event, after all. Amongst them, musicians, producers, chefs and artists with whom we identify and that have many stories to tell.

Here you’ll discover the guests that helped to make this day even 'bigger'.

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